Want to Learn How to DJ?

DJ Lessons in Malibu CA

DJ Brett Elliott’s step by step process will transform you from a music lover into a mix master in no time! Learn how to blend and mix your style of music.

Whatever your genre of choice, whatever your skill level, DJ Brett Elliott will provide DJ instruction ranging from basic essential skills to the most advanced techniques. You will learn how to execute perfect mixes and unique sounds in any style of music.DJ Brett Elliott is passionate about sharing his skills with younger generations by offering DJ lessons to Malibu’s youth. He enjoys engaging the youth in the advances of music technology while teaching “old school” fundamentals.

Malibu Special Learn How to DJ: Essentials Package

The Learn How to DJ: Essentials program includes an introduction to understanding beats, counting beats and bars, scratching, beat matching, and finally mixing. Students will understand how to set up a complete system and will finish their 4 week lesson series with a mixtape.

Individual lesson series are also available to master mashing, beat juggling, dubstep, effects, and recording.

All lessons are tailored to individual objectives and abilities. Both Individual and group lessons available. DJ Brett’s Malibu studio is fully equipped with the latest professional DJ equipment including Logic, Serato, MPC 5000, and more as well as limitless music to suit all tastes. Video or audio recordings of sessions are available. Mobile DJ lessons and classes in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura areas are also available upon request.

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